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     The Christmas Light People is based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts just 20 miles north of Boston. Founded in October 2002 by Bobby Cooper, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The Christmas light business was the perfect add-on for Bobby’s existing seasonal business, Big Top Party Rental. Bobby finally has a business now that can operate full swing year round. Bobby explained, "With this new add-on business we can now keep good employees all year round, offset fixed overhead costs, increase Cash Flow, cross-sell to existing customers, expand customer base and offer a higher margin service. It's been great. Owning a seasonal business can be very stressful at times. I feel that my party rental company is now complete." The Christmas Light business has also helped Bobby's party rental business grow even more.

     The Christmas Light People started out as a commercial decorating company in the Boston area in the early 2000's. Frustrated over a poor selection of Christmas Light supply companies,Bobby took matters into his own hands and started a Christmas light supply company. They supply quality commercial grade Christmas light products to Christmas light decorators and home owners all over the world. Millions of homes and businesses decorate each year. Bobby's goal is to help others get their foot into this fast growing industry. "Our supply company now offers a program that will teach anybody how to sell, design and install Christmas lights. We want to share our ideas and fortune with other seasonal businesses that have struggled in the off season like we use to".

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The Christmas Light People
36 Hillman street, Unit 4
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Fax: (978)858-0029

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