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Introducing the “Nickel Clip” - US PATENT # 8,491,168.
Inventor: Robert James Cooper
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The Nickel Clip allows you to apply your Christmas lights under gutters where it will keep them safe from snow and ice. Apply lamp sockets and clips with magnets to the Nickel Clip for an easy installation year after year!

Magnetic applications are the easiest Christmas light applications in the industry. Christmas light lamp sockets that have an earth magnet at the bottom are ideal for metal applications. The Nickel Clip now allows ALL applications to become magnetic! Glue with Geocell 2300 to any surface or use a screw for wood surfaces.
When applying the Nickel Clip make sure you space them -1 inch apart. Example would be that if you are using 15” space place them 14” apart.

It's as easy as sticking a magnet on a refrigerator!

A clip for quickly hanging strings of decorative lights with C9 & C7 magnetic base lamp sockets on a home or building. The clip has a ferrous metal base with a hole in the center and a plurality of spaced-apart retaining tabs around the perimeter of the base extending a predetermined distance away from the base. Each of the plurality of spaced-apart retaining tabs has a groove on each side of the tabs to reduce weight. The clip is attached to wood with a screw or a nail or attached to metal or glass with a glue, epoxy or double sided adhesive tape.


The Nickel Clip is one inch in diameter. It’s also zinc plated so it won’t rust. The best feature about the clip is the 4 retaining tabs that stick up on the sides. This prevents the magnets from sliding off. These can also be applied to metal surfaces to prevent your lights from sliding. The counter sunken hole in the middle allows you to apply it to wood with a screw.

How To Apply: Use a #8 x ¾ Flat Head Phillips Zinc Plated wood screw to apply to wood surfaces. Or use Geocel 2300 or Geocel 2312 to glue to aluminum, metal, brick, glass or shingle. When gluing, you may want to use a painters tape for the first 48 hours to hold clip in place while drying.

The MagnetiClip for C7 & C9 Sockets custom fits the Nickel Clip! Now you can use your MagnetiClip anywhere.

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